Soil, Seeding, and Overseeding

Kueker’s Soil, Seeding, and Overseeding

For a lawn that flourishes.

Whether your lawn is bare in spots or a total muddy mess, Kueker’s Nursery & Landscaping can help. Our soil, seeding, and overseeding service is designed to transform any yard into a lush green landscape. For a lawn that serves as the perfect canvas for your curb appeal projects, turn to us.

Soil, Compost, and Sod

We want your outdoor space to look its very best, and that starts with the right soil or sod. Our selection is suited to the area climate, ensuring the results we achieve are long lasting.

Topsoil: We offer several types of topsoil to our clients, including custom blends based on the plants or grass you wish to grow, fill dirt, and even athletic blends.

Compost: Depending on your goals, compost may be an essential part of your landscaping plan. It is an all-natural way to make your soil more fertile and also aids in water retention.

Sod: Also sometimes called turf grass, we offer several types of sod. With this, you simply unroll the grass, water it, and let it take to your soil. It offers you an instant lush green lawn.


Lawn seeding is the process of placing grass seed and encouraging its growth. When done correctly, it promotes even and healthy development across your entire yard. This can be combined with aeration to improve the root system and make it easier for the seeds to take.


Overseeding is a technique used when your existing lawn has some grass, but it is looking sparse. The goal is to integrate new growth with the existing grass and avoid turning the soil. It is a good solution after droughts, as well as after insect or disease damage.

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