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For over two decades, Kueker’s Nursery and Landscaping has been a leading company in both landscaping and turf maintenance whether it is for commercial or residential properties.

The company has maintained its commitment to quality, integrity, and service. These principles remain an important part of what we do each day–on every project. We stand by these principles insuring that we will treat every customer and project the same–focusing on quality and service.

We are a full service landscaping company. Some of the services we offer include: retaining walls, paver patios, outdoor kitchens, pool & spa, and water features. Turf maintenance services including: mowing, 6-step turf maintenance program, over-seeding, slit seeding and sodding. We also offer a full service nursery & garden center.

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Brad Kueker

Owner/ Manager

Hello everyone! I’m the owner and founder of Kueker’s Nursery and Landscaping. I grew up on our family farm in Southern Illinois, so my love for working in the soil was something I was born into. I moved to Southeast Missouri in 1995. Since the mid 90s I have worked in the Landscaping industry. I started part-time and eventually went full time in 2004. We expanded into the Nursery location in 2008 and built the building we are at today. Kueker’s Nursery and Landscaping means so much more than just a business to me. I’ve put everything I have into it and I’m very blessed to have the amazing staff and customers that allow us to succeed.

My favorite thing to do when I’m not at work is to spend time with my family. I love to hang out on the back patio grilling and laughing with my wife Niki, my Mom and wonderful children. Those moments are what I live for. Our goal is to create a space that you can invite your friends and family over to enjoy time together. The satisfaction we get from giving that to our customers is so worth all the hard hours put in. Thank you for visiting our site and I hope to hear from you soon!

Madelyn Kueker

Contract Administrator/ Marketing Director

Hey everyone! I'm Madelyn and I handle all contracts, appointments, scheduling, social media and marketing for Kueker's. I've grown up along side this business, so I also handle customer service with my knowledge of how things run here. I earned a bachelors degree in Corporate Communication, a minor in General Psychology, and a minor in Integrated Marketing Communications at Southeast Missouri State University. I've been helping out in the Nursery for as long as I can remember, so now working in the office doing what I love is so fulfilling for me. I'm an avid plant lover who has always found a hobby in nature photography. Outside of work you can find me traveling and going on hikes with my boyfriend, family, and friends. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Taylor Johnson

Project Manager

Hi, my name is Taylor. I joined Kueker's Nursery & Landscaping in May of 2021. I'm no stranger to the industry as I've been working in Landscape Construction for almost 15 years. As Kueker's Landscape Project manager I utilize horticulture knowledge, and technical design skills learned through earning a Bachelor's of Science in Agribusiness: Horticulture through SEMO in 2018. I combine this knowledge with practical experience in material usage, and various installation techniques gained through working eleven years in the landscape installation field. If you're looking for someone with the knowledge, and experience to handle any and all of your landscape projects, I'm your guy.

Edward Gaulding

Sales Manager/ Landscape Consultant

Hi, I'm Ed and I'm what Kueker's calls "The Plant Guy". Growing up I've always had a green thumb and had a huge appreciation for plants and how they grow. For almost ten years I've worked with a variety of plants, gardening, and farming. I started out in the Greenhouse at Kueker's over 2 years ago and I've worked myself into the position I'm in now. My plant knowledge has benefitted me greatly in being able to design landscaping projects with the perfect plants for your property. If you're interested in having us enhance your property, whether that's for a pool, landscaping, or hardscaping, I'd love to work with you!

Paula King

Office Manager

Hi Friends. I'm Paula and I'm I do all of the Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, and all things money. I've been working in this field for most of my career and truly enjoy it. My job seems boring to most, but it is so fulfilling & enjoyable for me! I'm originally from Wisconsin, but I've lived in the area for quite a while now! If you have any questions regarding billing, I'm your gal!


Retail Manager/ Plant Sales

Heyyy! I'm Anna and I'm the one who takes care of all of the plants at the Nursery! I'm the youngest Kueker's daughter and so I've also grown up alongside this company. It's been so fun to become a part of this amazing establishment my father has spent most of his life building. I've recently starting getting into sales & design for plant sales, so if you're looking for any small projects or plant installations I'm your person! Come by and see me anytime at the Nursery!

Bruce Shekell

Turf Maintenance Manager

Hi, my name is Bruce. I joined the Kueker's Nursery family in November of 2019. As Turf Maintenance Manager, I am responsible for keeping all of our Commercial & Residential properties looking their absolute best. The soil first approach of our 6 Step Lawn program allows me to give our customers lawns everything needed to thrive. From fertilization, Broadleaf weed control, Insecticide, & Fungicide applications to Aeration and Overseeding. If you're looking for someone with knowledge, passion, and experience to make your lawn & neighborhood an oasis, I'd love to speak with you.

Adam, Craig, Mike, Jayden & Derek

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Mowing Foreman


Pool & Spa Foreman


Hardscape Foreman


Softscape Crew Lead


Landscape Crew Lead


Landscape Crew Lead


Pool & Spa Crew Lead


Softscape Crew Technician


Landscape Crew Technician


Pool & Spa Crew Technician


Hardscape Crew Technician


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