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Kueker’s Nursery & Landscaping provides top-notch landscaping, hardscaping, and plants to Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Our residential and commercial services will revamp your property, make it easier to enjoy your outdoor spaces, and enhance your curb appeal.

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Reasons to Hire a Professional Landscaper

For most Jackson residents, their lawns are a source of pride. Turning it over to Kueker’s landscaping service can feel like the first time dropping the baby off at daycare—though hopefully with fewer tears. Still, it comes with big payoffs.

Professionals Go Beyond the Basics

While we don’t doubt you have stellar lawn and garden skills, weekend warriors just can’t top the experience and training professional landscapers bring to their work. Landscapers don’t just cut the grass and trim the hedge; they take in even the smallest details of your property and see how their work can enhance or transform your outdoor space.

Landscapers Embrace Creativity

While you have a creative mind, chances are that once work is over and the weekend hits, you just don’t have the bandwidth to apply it to your yard. For professional landscapers, lawn and garden care is an art and a science, and their passion for their work ensures they can get creative when enhancing your curb appeal.

You Get More Free Time

While mowing time is solo time, it isn’t exactly relaxing. Unfortunately, in Jackson, weekends from March to October are consumed with lawn care. Outsourcing this means you get to focus on other tasks, or just kick back and relax for once.

Our Services

Our Jackson landscaping and hardscaping services are designed to keep your home or business looking its best. At our nursery, you can access a full range of plants and gardening materials, and our team can handle any project from design through implementation.


Our fully stocked nursery offers flowers, trees, and shrubs that thrive in the Jackson soil and climate—including rare varietals. Feel free to stop in and browse our selection or sit down with one of our consultants so we can help you plan your landscaping.


Take a few tasks off your to-do list by letting us take care of maintaining your lawn and garden. We can handle everything from mowing the grass to designing a complete backyard oasis.


For unbeatable curb appeal, you cannot rely on shrubs and flowers alone. Hardscaping brings in functional and attractive elements, such as fire pits and walkways, that make your outdoor space more complete.

Water Features

The natural calming effect of water makes it a wonderful addition to any outdoor space. Whether you want a small pond, a majestic waterfall, or a lovely fountainscape, our team can design and install them for you.

Commercial Property Maintenance

The outside of your building is the first impression you make on customers, clients, and tenants. Proper landscaping ensures it is a good one. Our commercial property maintenance service takes over as much or as little of your outdoor tasks as you need, up to fully redesigning your entryways and gardens.

Sod, Seeding, and Overseeding

Your grass is the background for the rest of your outdoor design. When it doesn’t look its best, neither does your hardscaping or landscaping. Our sod, seeding, and overseeding service ensures you have a lush green yard that other features can play off of.

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