Kueker’s Commercial Property Maintenance

Kueker’s Commercial Property Maintenance

Curb appeal that boosts your reputation.

First impressions are lasting—and for commercial properties, this means your landscaping establishes how potential clients, customers, and tenants see you. When it’s excellent, they can’t wait to walk through the door. When it isn’t, they drive away. Kueker’s Nursery & Landscaping offers commercial property maintenance services that boost curb appeal—and your reputation.

Why Hire a Professional Service

Landscaping is a massive undertaking, even for a single-family home. When you scale that up for commercial properties, it can feel like a full-time job.

With commercial properties, the stakes are also higher. Poor landscaping harms the way people see your business, and in some cases, can put people at risk of physical injury. While cutting corners is tempting, it runs the risk of losing income.

Commercial landscaping ensures that your property looks amazing and functions well without investing your own time and energy into the process. Some benefits of working with a professional service include:

Developing a Signature Look

Your landscaping is just as much a part of your branding as your signage and marketing materials. A creative landscaper can craft a signature look for your property that helps you stand out amongst the competition.

Making a Smart Investment

Every business owner has heard the phrase, “You gotta spend money to make money.” When it comes to landscaping, this is a firm truth. Investing in curb appeal increases your business and makes you more profitable in the long run.

Protecting Yourself and Your Employees

It’s tempting to offload landscaping onto employees who aren’t trained in the tasks or to go DIY. Doing so puts you and your employees at risk. Instead, turn to those with the proper training and insurance coverage to get the job done.
Hardscaping Services in Cape Girardeau

Making Your Business a Safer Place

Landscapers don’t just cut the grass and trim the trees; they also remove safety hazards. From uneven pavers to exposed tree roots, a professional commercial landscaper will mitigate hazards that could expose you to lawsuits.


Our programs, coupled with your good watering and mowing, provide your turf with all the basics for a beautiful and healthy lawn throughout the growing season.

6 Step Lawn Program

Our 6 step program builds your lawn from root to tip. With a combination of products including organics, we focus on strengthening your grass to create a lush and hardy lawn that continues to get better over time. Our process is different from the rest. Contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE and let us show you how Kueker’s can give you a healthy and beautiful lawn.

Commercial Properties We Work With

The Kueker team is happy to work with any commercial property in Perryville and the surrounding towns. This includes:





Commercial office parks

Corporate campuses

Retirement communities

Industrial parks

Retail spaces

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive slate of commercial landscaping services designed to enhance your property and take extra tasks off your plate. Our customizable approach allows you to pick and choose the services that interest you without paying for things you don’t need. We can schedule regular landscaping or help you on an as-needed basis.​

Landscape Maintenance

Kueker’s provides budget-conscious landscape maintenance to Perryville and the surrounding towns. Our maintenance is designed to keep your outdoor space in the best shape possible. Services included in our landscape maintenance are:

Grass seeding

Grass mowing

Turf mowing


Weed Control

Pruning and trimming


Flower, tree, and shrub bed maintenance

Power washing

Deep root feeding


Mulch turnover and replacement

Seasonal flower rotation

Landscape Design

If your current outdoor space isn’t looking its best and landscaping maintenance won’t offer the improvement you need, our landscape design service can help. Through this service, we can design a brand-new outdoor space that is perfectly suited to your functional needs and compliments your branding. We can combine this with hardscaping to create a cohesive look that attracts customers and clients and makes an incredible first impression.
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