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At Kueker’s Nursery & Landscaping, we provide high-quality outdoor products and services to Perryville, Missouri. Our residential and commercial services are designed to transform your property, facilitate outdoor living, and boost your curb appeal.

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Why You Should Hire a Professional Landscaper

Turning your lawn care over to a landscaping service isn’t easy, especially for homeowners. Your yard is such an essential part of your home, and your home is a representation of you. Plus, it takes you out of the competition for coolest riding mower in the neighborhood.

With that said, outsourcing those yard-related tasks comes with some big benefits.

Professionals Kick it Up a Notch

Not to insult your lawn and garden skills, but just as with any other job, professionals can take things to a brand-new level. Landscapers do more than just cut the grass and pull the weeds. They look at your yard and see all the little ways it could be improved—and then they do it. From perfectly shaping your shrubs so they showcase the trim on your windows to alternating perennials so your yard is always in bloom, they have the training and experience needed to up your curb appeal.

Landscapers Have the Bandwidth to Get Creative

For you, lawn and garden care is just another task on the list. For professional landscapers, it is their life’s work. This means they have the energy not just to get the work done, but to be creative with it. In the right hands, landscaping is a science and an art that enhances your home or business while making it unique.

You Get More Free Time

If life feels like an endless quest to finish the items on your to-do list, outsourcing some of that will make it easier to kick back, relax, and destress. There is no reason you should lose your weekends to lawn care from March until October every year.

Our Services

At Kueker’s Nursery & Landscaping, we offer a full slate of services that ensures your Perryville outdoor space is the best it can be. Our team can handle everything from design to implementation to regular maintenance.


We maintain a fully stocked nursery of plants that thrive in the Perryville soil and climate—even those you might otherwise struggle to find. You can come and browse our plants or sit down for a consultation to discover which are best for your home or business.


Outsource the back-breaking work of keeping your outdoor space in top shape. We are happy to handle everything from small routine tasks to full design and maintenance.


Upping your curb appeal means going beyond flowers and shrubs. Hardscaping allows you to add walkways, fire pits, and even pergolas should they suit your space. Our team can handle the design, implementation, and maintenance of any hardscaping element.

Water Features

Ponds, waterfalls, and fountainscapes can all transform your yard or garden into a true oasis. Our water features are all custom made to fit your space and design goals.

Commercial Property Maintenance

Our team can help improve the appearance of any commercial property, ensuring a stellar first impression. From simple maintenance to a full redesign meant to tie into your branding, we do it all.

Sod, Seeding, and Overseeding

Your grass is the canvas for all the landscaping and hardscaping in your yard. Our sod, seeding, and overseeding service delivers lush green grass that shines during the warmer months.

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