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Part of ensuring your outdoor spaces look their best is selecting the right plants. At Kueker’s Perryville plant nursery, we stock an extensive selection of flowers, trees, and shrubs that thrive in the local soil and climate. Whether you want to add to your existing landscaping or redesign your lawn or garden, with Kueker’s on your side, you’ll get the job done right.

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Kueker’s Perryville Plant Nursery

At Kueker’s Nursery, you can find any indoor or outdoor plant suited to the region. If we don’t happen to have a specific plant on hand, just ask one of our associates to source it for you. We take great pride in our comprehensive selection and ability to source even rare plants, allowing you to make your home or business one of a kind.


Perennials are flowering plants that bloom year after year within their specific timeframe. These plants are great for those who don’t want to invest time every year into planning their landscaping. With the right approach, you can fill your outdoor space with a mixture of perennials, ensuring there is always something in bloom, no matter the time of year.


Annuals are plants that last just one season, and therefore must be replaced about every three to six months, depending on the type. Typically, they have an extended blooming period when compared with perennials, which makes them real eyecatchers and allows you to create a focal point in your landscaping. They look wonderful as entryway accents or lining paths.

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs may not be the showstoppers flowering plants are, but they really are the backbone of landscaping design. In addition to their appearance, they also enhance your home or business by offering shade, privacy, and wildlife protection. We have a large selection of trees and shrubs that can enhance any outdoor space.

Our Services

While you are more than welcome to simply stop on by and purchase the plants you want, we can also support you in your green thumb endeavors. Below are our services that can help make gardening and landscaping easier for you.

Landscaping Design

Are you unsure which plants look best in different parts of your yard? We are happy to help. Our expert designers can guide you in selecting the plants that best compliment the look of your home and help you determine their placement.


Do you prefer plants that are ready to be placed? Let us do the dirty work. You just choose the plants you want and the pots that fulfill your design dreams, and we do the potting for you!

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Delivery and Installation

If you want the look of a full, blooming yard or garden but aren’t interested in the mess, we will handle everything from start to finish. Once you select your plants, we can schedule delivery and installation. Our goal is for your yard to look its very best.

Nursery and Landscaping in Perryville, MO
Nursery and Landscaping in Perryville, MO
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