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Transforming Steeleville lawns and gardens.

Steeleville isn’t a city of cookie-cutter houses and tiny lawns. The homes have character, and the yards are made for spending the summers outdoors. Kueker’s Nursery & Landscaping offers all the products and services you need to give your home curb appeal.

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Should You Outsource Your Yard Work?

Handing over lawn care to a landscaping service can be difficult at first. It is hard to justify paying for what you could do for free, and when you are attached to the look of your yard, its easy to worry about things going south. Luckily, you have nothing to worry about; our affordable service is delivered by professional landscapers. Here are just a few benefits you can enjoy with our service.

Top-Tier Results

The days of the grass being greener on the other side are over once you work with us. Our professional service is dedicated to making your lawn more vibrant and healthier than ever before.

Creative Approaches

Steeleville is a charming small town, and the homes are meant to have character. We embrace the fun side of landscaping to create lawns that are both beautiful and unique.

More Freetime

Thanks to fertile soil and great weather, everything grows like weeds for much of the year—including the weeds! When you let Kueker’s take over the yard work, you get your weekends back.

Our Services

Kueker’s Nursery & Landscaping offers a full slate of outdoors services, turning us into a one-stop-shop for all your lawn care and hardscaping needs. Whether you want some new bushes for the entryway or a waterfall in the backyard, we will make it happen.


Greenery and bright flowers bring life to your yard. Our plant selection is tailored to the Steeleville soil and climate, ensuring lasting results. You are welcome to browse our selection in person or discuss your needs over the phone.


Lighten that to-do list by handing some tasks over to us. Kueker’s team delivers the landscaping services needed to give your yard a manicured look.


A cohesive design requires more than just plants; you need functional elements as well. From stepping stones to pergolas, we can craft the hardscaping elements that turn the outdoors into an extension of your home.

Water Features

Few elements can so radically transform your outdoor space as a water feature. Whether you want a koi pond or just a small fountainscape, we can create custom solutions for your yard.

Commercial Property Maintenance

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. With our commercial property maintenance service, you can protect your business’s reputation.

Sod, Seeding, and Overseeding

Lush, green grass serves as the perfect backdrop to all other landscaping and hardscaping elements. Our sod, seeding, and overseeding service ensures your grass is doing its job.

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