Landscaping Services

Kueker’s Landscaping Service

Beautifying your home or business.

A beautiful home or attractive business is instantly downgraded when it lacks curb appeal. That’s where Kueker’s Nursery & Landscaping steps in. We offer landscaping services that help your property be the very best it can be, from complete design and seasonal clean ups.

Our Services

We offer a full slate of landscaping services to ensure we can always meet your needs. You can opt for multiple services at once, regular maintenance, or schedule a single service on an as-needed basis.

Full Landscaping and Design

If your outdoor space is essentially a blank canvas, we can transform it into a masterpiece. With our full landscaping and design, we plan out all the natural elements of your yard or garden, factoring in everything from placement to the blooming period. This can be combined with our hardscaping design service to create a unified and functional space.


The right mulch enhances the look of your outdoor space while improving the health of your plants. Our mulching service includes measuring to ensure we place the perfect amount of mulch, removing weeds and debris before placement, and turning over old mulch as needed.

Seasonal Cleanup

Spring and fall are the ideal seasons for being outdoors, but enjoying your yard and garden requires cleaning up the mess winter left behind or dealing with autumn leaves. We want you to be able to sit back and relax instead of worrying about cleanup. We are happy to handle all your seasonal yard work and get your outdoor space in tip-top shape.

General Maintenance

Our general maintenance service is designed to handle all of the smaller tasks that are key to a beautiful lawn or garden. This includes:

Weed removal

Small tree trimming

Shrub trimming

Pruning flowering plants

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