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Chester, Illinois isn’t a town filled with postage-stamp lawns. Here, the yards are big and central to socializing. Kueker’s Nursery & Landscaping offers the products and services you need to keep your home or business looking its best.

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Why You Should Work With a Professional Landscaper

In Chester, there is always a good-natured competition to see who has the best lawn in the neighborhood. One way you can get a leg up on the competition is to work with a professional landscaping service. While this might feel like handing the keys over to your 16-year-old for their first solo drive, we promise that the results we deliver are worth it.

Landscapers Take It to the Next Level

If your goal is to take home that hypothetical trophy, nothing beats having professional training and experience in your corner. Landscapers go beyond basic lawn care; they take in every detail of your outdoor space and determine how they can improve it.

Professionals Embrace Creativity

You can’t be the best if your yard looks like everyone else’s. Landscaping is both an art and a science, and professionals know how to balance these two sides to create unique and attractive outdoor spaces.

You Get to Reclaim Your Weekend

Lawns in Chester grow like weeds from March until October. When you give your lawn care tasks to us, Saturdays and Sundays are yours once again.

Our Services

Kueker’s Nursery & Landscaping offers a full slate of outdoor services, making it easy for your Chester landscaping always to be top-notch. From plants and other gardening materials to custom-designed hardscaping features, we offer everything you need to make the most of your yard or garden.


Flowers, trees, shrubs, and herbs: you’ll find them all at Kueker’s. We stock all the plants that thrive in the Chester soil and climate. Stop in to browse our selection or discuss your landscaping goals.


Check a few boxes on your to-do list and let us do the yard work for you. Kueker’s offers a full slate of landscaping services designed to ensure your home or business is at its best.


Outdoor design is more than bushes and trees. Hardscaping brings in elements such as walkways, fire pits, and stepping stones, bringing function into the space.

Water Features

For a next-level outdoor space, you can’t beat water features. Beautiful and calming, these elements are perfect for turning yards and gardens into private getaways.

Commercial Property Maintenance

First impressions are the most important, and yours starts before customers walk through the door. Our commercial landscaping services ensures that your property looks great even on the drive up.

Sod, Seeding, and Overseeding

Your grass pulls together the look of your yard. When it isn’t in good shape, everything else looks worse by association. Our sod, seeding, and overseeding service brings a lush green look to your lawn.

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