Get the Greenest Lawn in Town: The Benefits Of Lawn Fertilization

A lush, green lawn is the envy of the neighborhood. Not only does it add curb appeal to your home, but it also indicates that you take pride in your property. A healthy lawn requires the proper nutrients to thrive; When your lawn is not getting enough nutrients, it will start to look brown and scraggly. 

In this blog post, we’ll get to know the benefits of applying the right nutrients to your lawn, the best time to add them, and how much you’d need!

3 Amazing Benefits Of Fertilizing Your Lawn!

Many different nutrients are present in lawn fertilizer. The most important are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. These nutrients are essential for the health of your lawn and boost how your lawn looks and feels. We explain their benefits here: 


1. Faster & Stronger Growth, Boost Your Lawn’s Metabolism

Well-balanced lawn fertilizer will aid in the development of optimal grass density, thickness, and softness. Potassium, in particular, aids grasses and other plants in retaining water. Also regulating their internal PH balance, all of which help plants grow faster & stronger. beautiful landscapes that are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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2. Vibrant Color, An Emerald Green On Your Yard

One key benefit of fertilizing your lawn is a richer, more brilliant green color. Nitrogen is the principal component of chlorophyll (the green color of plants). It is responsible for the development of a dense, attractive lawn.

Although nitrogen is one of the most abundant elements in our atmosphere, plants can’t use it unless processed naturally in the soil or added as fertilizer.

3. Resistant To Drought And Pests, overall a Healthier Roots

Phosphorus is vital for your lawn to resist seasonal changes and retain moisture in the soil, preventing a brown and patchy lawn. The presence of phosphorus stimulates strong root growth, helping the turf to stay thick and lush.

Plants can grow faster when phosphorus is abundant in soil. Still, you need to be wary of over-fertilizing with phosphorus since it can burn your plants inside out.

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Choosing The Right Time To Fertilizer Your Law

The best time to fertilize your lawn would be early fall or during springtime; to prevent and mitigate the harsh effects of snowfalls during winter.

Phosphorus and potassium work best in the fall. Meanwhile, nitrogen should be applied as needed throughout the year. Also, you’d consider fertilizing your lawn to get it back in shape, especially if proper care hasn’t taken place in a long time. 

Selecting The Right Type Of Fertilizer

There’re 2 main types of soil fertilizer that you can use for your lawn:

  • Organic fertilizer: It usually comes from compost or manure. It releases nutrients over long periods; this makes them a good choice for lawns that are sensitive to over-fertilizing.
  • Inorganic fertilizer: It comes from synthetical compounds. Their fast-release properties saturate the soil with nutrients all at once. Require specific measurements and ratios to achieve the desired results.

Attention: Always follow manufacturer instructions to avoid ruining your lawn!

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Life-Changing Upgrades On Your Lawn Maintenance!

The ultimate way to determine how often you should fertilize your lawn is to have a soil test done. A lawn care professional will reveal what nutrients are lacking in your soil.

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