4 Tips To Maintain Your Lawn During Cold Weather

If you live in Northern Missouri, you must enjoy the cold weather during winter! But – your lawn may be damaged due to such low temperatures if not taken care of properly. When the snow arrives, it’s important to know how to maintain your lawn during cold weather so it doesn’t become a snow-covered disaster.

Proper maintenance throughout all year can prevent the winter from drying your lawn. This blog post will provide you with 5 tips to help you maintain your lawn in cold weather.

1. Before The Snow Hits – Cut The Grass The Shortest Possible

Snow can be heavy, so when snow covers grass, it weighs the blades down. This extra weight makes them more susceptible to damage during snow removal. With snow on your lawn, it’s very hard to tell if you’re mowing too high or not. If the snow is piling up all around the grass blades more than halfway up their height, then this snow can suffocate them and kill off parts of your yard.


Do not try to mow your lawn when there is heavy moisture. 

2. Aeration – The Solution To Soil Compaction

Aeration is done in the early spring to get rid of built-up snow so grass can have healthy roots. If you haven’t already, don’t allow the frigid temperatures to deter your lawn. It’s simple to do as long as the ground isn’t frozen! 

This practice helps reduce snow mold growth, allowing water and oxygen to penetrate your soil. 

3. Use Tools That Won’t Disturb The Lawn

Use an ice scraper on sidewalks and driveways when there’s a light layer of snow and ice – do not use salt unless there is more significant accumulation. Salt doesn’t work well in cold weather because it takes longer for the salt to melt the ice underneath – meaning that you’ll have slippery surfaces even after all of the snow has been removed. 

4. Remove Debris 

Use a leaf rake instead of a broom since it won’t disturb the soil as much – this also applies to removing fallen leaves from trees. Shovel snow regularly rather than waiting for snowstorms or letting the snow pile up. This makes it much easier to remove snow and debris from your property. 

Snow & Ice Services in Cape Girardeau | Kueker’s Nursery & Landscaping

Taking care of your lawn before winter arrives is the best way to prevent the cold from killing your grass. Be sure to take care of your lawn by practicing all the tips mentioned above.  

Additionally, the best way to take care of your grass during the winter is by hiring snow and ice management services that can help your home feel safer. It keeps your property clean of hazardous conditions like snow or ice that could cause damage!

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