Principles Of Landscape Design - Part 2

Landscape design is an integral part of creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space. A well-designed landscape can improve your home’s aesthetic, increase your property value, and provide a space to relax and enjoy nature. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for landscaping ideas

Continuing our blog post series on the 10 landscape design principles, we’ll discuss another 4 principles: simplicity, variety, emphasis, and sequence. We’ll explain what each means and why it’s essential to keep them in mind when designing your landscape. Keep reading!

4 More Landscape Design Principles


Keeping your landscape as simple as possible doesn’t mean you should use minimalistic designs or avoid using plants altogether. It means that you should avoid adding too many elements to your landscape and instead strive for a cohesive, well-balanced look. 

Too much variety can make a landscape look cluttered and chaotic. By keeping things simple, you’ll create a more harmonious, easier to enjoy space.


A well-designed landscaping idea should include a variety of plants, textures, and colors. This will help create visual interest and prevent your landscape from looking too monotonous. 

Variety also helps to make your yard more functional by providing different types of plants that can be used for shade, privacy, or decoration. Be sure to choose plants compatible with each and will thrive in your climate.


Emphasize certain elements in your landscape to create focal points. Do this by using a particular type of plant, adding a sculpture or water feature, or arranging your plants.

Focal points are important because they draw attention and create a sense of interest in your landscape. Without them, your landscape will be just a collection of plants and features without a clear focal point.


Creating a sequence in your landscape is essential for achieving a cohesive look and feel. Arranging plants and features in an orderly fashion can help convey a message. For example, you could use a series of focal points to create a journey through your landscape. When designing your landscape, thinking about sequence will help create a more intentional space.

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