A Step By Step Guide: How to Pot or Repot Your Plants

Potting or repotting your plants is a tedious task that many people don’t want to do. However, when you pot up your plants, it’ll give them more space and the opportunity to grow bigger. In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to pot your plants from start to finish!

Potting or Repotting Your Plants: Benefits

There’re many benefits to potting your plants. Some of them are:

  • Potting has a beneficial effect on the plant.
  • Potting gives your plants more space to grow.
  • Potting makes your plants healthier.

Potting Your Plants: Preparing for Potting

Preparation is the key to potting. Before you start potting, make sure that your tools are ready and that you have a pot or container as well as potting soil. Peat moss is key for potting since it holds moisture.

Potting Your Plants: How To Pot or Report the Plant!

Now that you have your pot and potting soil ready, it’s time to pot up your plant. Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to pot a plant:

Choose The Potting Spot

It’s important to pot your plant in a spot that’s bright and gets sunlight.

Measure The Pot Size

Dig out the plant with a trowel or shovel if necessary. If you’re potting up something larger, use a spade to dig it out first.

Prepare Your Plant

Take out any stakes or ties holding your plants together. Remove any dead leaves, spent flowers, and branches from old-growth.

Water Your Plant Before Potting It

Make sure the pot is well-watered before potting up your plant. If you’ve just transplanted it, then soak it for about an hour or so and let the water drain out completely afterward.

Remove The Plant From Its Pot

Take the pot off your plant and remove any excess soil around it. If you notice that there’re many old roots, simply cut them away with sharp shears.

Put Your Plant Into The New Potted Container

Place your plants into the pot. If you’re potting up something larger, place it in first and surround it with potting soil to help support its weight.

Place The Plant Soil Around It

Fill your pot halfway with potting soil before putting the plant onto it. Make sure there’re no air pockets left around your plant roots when potting.

Cover The Roots With More Soil & Water Your Plant

Fill the pot with potting soil around your plants’ roots and water it well to moisten up the potting soil. After that, you’re done potting or repotting.

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