4 Tips To Maintain Your Lawn During Cold Weather

It is finally wintertime, and we are all trying to figure out how to keep our plants alive through the cold months. The good news is that many plants will survive and thrive even during this season, as long as they have a little help from you.

We’ll list you 7 plants that can grow during colder weather in Jackson, MO. Keep reading to learn more.

What’re Cold-Weather Plants?

A cold-weather tolerant plant can withstand colder temperatures and remain healthy. Many plants that are native to Jackson, MO, have this characteristic. However, you must take extra care, so they remain healthy during the winter months.

Best Cold Weather Plants in Jackson, MO

#1 Winter Flowering Bulbs

These are plants that can bloom during the winter months. You can plant them in your yard or garden, and they will provide a beautiful touch of color throughout the cold season. Examples are crocus, snowdrops, daffodils, grape hyacinths, snowflakes, and tulips.

If you want to plant bulbs in your garden, be sure to do it during the end of summer or fall season. They need a few months underground before they can come out and bloom for you.

#2 Lily Of The Valley

This plant is a perennial that will continue to grow year after year. It does well in shady areas and produces delicate white flowers. You can plant them either in the fall or springtime. It’s not recommended that you plant Lily of the Valley near other plants, as it can take over and choke them out.

#3 Blue Spruce

This is a type of evergreen tree that does well in cold weather. It’s popular for its blue-colored needles and can grow up to 60 feet tall. If you’re looking for a large, coniferous tree to plant in your yard, the Blue Spruce is a great option.

Be sure to water it regularly, especially during the first two years. It needs a lot of moisture to grow and provide you with fresh foliage throughout the year.

#4 Wintergreen Boxwood

This small evergreen shrub can grow up to one foot in height and produces tiny white flowers. It’s a great option for anyone who wants low maintenance that will still look beautiful during the winter months. It works in the sun and shade but requires regular watering.

#5 Catmint

This herbaceous perennial is a great option for anyone looking to grow their garden. It has beautiful flowers that attract bees and butterflies and small purple fruits. The only downside is Catmint can become invasive if you plant it too close to other plants or allow its roots to spread out freely in your yard.

#6 Coral Bells

This plant does well in colder weather and is a great addition to any garden. It has beautiful bell-shaped flowers that come in pink, red, white, and purple shades. Coral Bells can grow up to 18 inches in height and should be planted in partial shade.

#7 Pansies

This is a type of flowering plant that can grow in partial shade. It’s great for wintertime planting and will provide color to your yard, which may otherwise be lacking due to cold temperatures. Pansies are good at surviving cool weather since they can survive colder temperatures before feeling any damage from them.

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