5 Tips On How To Take Care For Your Hardscape During Winter

It’s hard to believe that winter is just around the corner. Most people love the holidays and all of the joy they bring. However, many fear going outside once December hits. The cold air will be hard on your hardscapes, so you’ll want to take care of them this coming winter if you want them to look beautiful next spring!

Here’re a few tips for keeping your hardscape protected from harsh conditions during wintertime.

Protect Your Hardscape During Winter With These Tips!

Apply Mulch Around Plants

Applying mulch to your hardscape allows the plants in your garden a better chance at survival. If temperatures begin to plummet and ice begins forming on leaves, you’ll want them protected from any harsh conditions that could cause permanent damage.

Clear Snow From Your Pathway

It’s hard to enjoy your hardscape when you can’t even get on it because of the snow. Ensure that all paths are clear, so they aren’t covered in ice or slippery. You’ll want to walk, drive and play on these surfaces without worry this winter season.

Avoid Ice Buildup Around Entryways

If you have entryways that are hard to clear after it snows, be sure to use salt or anti-icer before the snow begins falling. This will help prevent ice buildup and make clearing your pathway much easier when there’s a storm coming.

Keep Potted Plants Protected at Night

If you have hardscape plants in pots, make sure they’re covered at night. Doing this will prevent damage from the cold and snow that accumulates on their leaves after it snows. You can use a plastic bag or another cover to keep them safe while protecting them again during the day when temperatures rise.

Protect Against Insects

Insects are hard to control during the winter since it’s difficult for them to find shelter. If you have a problem with insects or other pests, be sure to apply pesticides that can protect against these animals before temperatures begin dropping below freezing.

Cover Plants With Towels 

If you have hardscapes in your garden that are small or not hardy, make sure to cover them with towels before the cold begins. This will protect them from harsh winter temperatures and keep these plants safe until springtime comes around again!

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