5 Best Plants For The Winter Season

Nature doesn’t stop just because it’s winter. It continues to create variety and interest in the garden regardless of the weather. The winter season isn’t an exception, and we can see that when we look at plants for this time of year.

Winter plants do more than survive during this season; they thrive. From evergreens to deciduous trees, shrubs and flowers, there’re many options available for your backyard or nursery near me that will brighten up any landscape. If you want to learn more about winter plants, keep reading this.

Get Ready For The Winter With These Plants

Here’s a list of some of the best plants for the winter season, which would be a perfect gift for the upcoming festive holidays. Even, you can bring these plants home to enrich the aesthetic look of your home.


Evergreens are the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about winter plants. They stay green all year round and won’t lose their beautiful leaves during this chilly season like other deciduous trees do.

When it comes to evergreen ornamental shrubs, holly or boxwood is a perfect choice. They can add color and texture to your landscape with bright green leaves, berries, and interesting shapes.

Deciduous Trees

If you’re looking for an ornamental tree that will provide brilliant colors during winter, birch is a perfect option. The peeling bark looks beautiful when it’s covered with snow.

Pines are another interesting option with their scaly, long needles. They can bring a lot of interest to your landscape during this season just by being there.

Plants For Flowers

Crocus is one of the earliest blooming flowers. It comes in a variety of colors. However, purple and white are best for this season since they look amazing with snow cover.

Azalea is another favorite flower during the winter season. They have beautiful flowers that resemble small roses with lovely colors like white, yellow, or pink.


These are small, delicate flowers that bloom in the early spring. They’re great for planting under evergreens to cover up some of their dead needles after the winter season is over.

Winter Jasmine

These are a perfect choice when it comes to flowers that bloom in the coldest part of winter. It doesn’t lose its leaves during this season and can be evergreen in some areas.

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