Would you like to know before you invest your time and money that you will love your landscaping? Now it is easier then ever to envision your project before it even begins. With Kueker’s 3D landscape designs you will see your vision come to life. We can add to existing structures, pools and landscaping or create a design from scratch. Whatever you choose, you will get a real feel for the finished project.


Kuekers Nursery provides gardening and landscaping services with an emphasis on quality, integrity and service. Our residential lawn services include:


6 Step Lawn Program-our 6 step program builds your lawn from root to tip. With a combination of products including organics, we focus on strengthening your grass to create a lush and hardy lawn that continues to get better over time. Our process is different from the rest. Contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE and let us show you how Kueker’s can give you a healthy and beautiful lawn.


Irrigation & Drainage-At Kuekers we install and service residential irrigation systems including annual start up and shut downs to ensure your system is functioning properly and ready to go in the spring. With year’s of experience, we identify the best fit in irrigation and drainage for your unique landscape.


The Kueker Team takes great pride in every landscape installation project. We serve residential and commercial developers, general contractors, property management companies, commercial property owners, and landscape architects. We bring years of installation expertise to your project. We have a highly-trained team that specializes exclusively in landscape installation and has extensive experience working with other trades. Our goal is to minimize future maintenance costs and eliminate the unnecessary costs of redoing work that should have been done right the first time.

The design and development of a landscape environment involves the talents of many individuals to execute the project properly. At Kueker’s, we take pride in our ability to offer complete design/build services under one roof. We bring the talents of landscape professionals and managers with experience in landscape horticulture together to produce landscapes of impeccable quality. These talents are applied to performing an array of services that complement the process of constructing a landscape so that we may more precisely control the quality of the result. We are environmentally conscious and utilize modern practices for the professional quality care your landscape requires.

At Kueker’s, we look forward to coming out to your property for an initial consultation. At this time we will begin to develop a conversation as to how we are going to meet you and your property’s needs. The designer will then determine the scope of these services and how it will be implemented into the design along with design alternatives. In order to develop the most ideal design for your property, it is important to designate certain criteria. On-site analysis is crucial to having this occur. Depending on the design needs, we analyze all criteria to determine the best design for the client and the property. In doing so, we can incorporate design alternatives, allowing us to pursue the best design for you and the property.

We take each and every variable of information gathered in the initial consultation, along with current factors and begin to develop ideas. Based on criteria set by the client and analysis determined by fixed variables such as state and town regulations, the conceptual design phase begins. During this process, every idea, thought and concept is put down on the design. Eliminations and additions for the ideas are then determined by these factors and/or client’s wishes. This process moves the project into the development of a detailed plan. This plan is what we develop as a consensus of ideas of what the client wants to accomplish as an end product for the landscape. By using the detailed plan, we can easily develop budgets from this plan and give cost estimates for the entire plan or break the plan down into sections.

Designing a landscape in the Midwest Region involves much more than having a vision of a beautiful result and the ability to convey that vision to the client. We must consider many specifications, along with your vision, when designing the landscape. Designing with the future in mind is essential in landscape design. Opportunities for future expansion and refinement of the initial phases of construction, must be taken in to consideration. In each case, we must visualize use of the space while remaining true to the clients wishes. Working closely with the homeowner or construction division, and its associates, we must maintain that vision and refine it as needed.

At Kueker’s, we believe it is our responsibility to offer every component to our clients in the design development process: One that is right for the property and the environment it surrounds. Detail is crucial in developing each client’s vision. The attention to detail is cultivated through open channels of communication that we encourage with all of our clients’ from past to present. In doing so, this allows the client to be as much involved with the design process as they would like and permits us to thoroughly service the client as well as the design.

Kueker’s design service can be developed as a single aspect or a multi aspect. We meet with the client, develop a basemap, identify criteria, analyze the site and incorporate concepts into an overall landscape design plan that the client can implement over a period of time, or have us develop a budget proposal for landscape construction that is reflected on the final plan.

As a great follow up to your new installations, we offer a full-service maintenance program for your convenience. We are always available for any questions related to your landscape and always looks forward to serving all of your landscape needs.


At Kueker’s, it is goal to help you create the space you have always dreamed of.

We have built our reputation on creating unique hardscapes, which make our client’s properties the envy of the neighborhood. We continue to educate our staff on new techniques, concepts, installation practices and trends.

Be inspired as you browse through the possibilities, and when you are ready to see how we can bring this beauty to your home, contact us for more information.


Installing an outdoor lighting system from Kueker’s allows you the opportunity to discover the complete potential of your home, uncovers the hidden beauty of your property, and adds to the safety, security and value of your landscape. Safety and aesthetics play a key role in this increasingly popular area of landscape design. Site lighting allows safe night time use of the property and enhances the beauty and enjoyment of your landscape, after sunset.

As a Kueker’s client, you have the option of “lighting up” your landscape with the installation of a complete low-volt landscape lighting system. Landscape lighting offers the ability to extend your activities outdoors, into the evening. The ease of installation and choices that are available for creating various lighting effects, makes this a practical and cost-effective ‘finish’ to your landscape. Whether for a residence or business application, lighting can create dramatic effects and added value.

Adding lighting to an existing property is easily accomplished, and the design of a new landscape should naturally include the needs of the owner for night time enjoyment of the garden, walks, and features of interest. Kueker’s offers the design and installation of lighting systems for both residential and commercial properties. Site lighting products can be mounted in various locations best suited to the individual needs of any property or location. Outdoor lighting systems can also provide a warm, pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for entertaining and leisure enjoyment, as well as safely lighting dark walks and entryways in an aesthetically pleasing manner.


Water features are one of the most exciting additions that can be designed into the landscape. Whether it is a natural pond with streams or waterfalls, or a low-maintenance, pondless waterfall, we can help you to create an aquatic masterpiece that turns any garden into a paradise.

Kueker’s  is committed to bringing your idea of “paradise” into reality by building a water feature that will put a smile on your face and happiness in your heart. We specialize in creating natural ecosystem consisting of ponds, waterfalls and streams that are low maintenance and chemical-free. Our ponds are a little different than other ponds, and we think that is a good thing. The system we install is a revolutionary system that works with nature, not against it. Our system offers low-maintenance time and makes owning a pond affordable and owner-friendly.


Let Us Create YOUR Backyard Paradise…


Pre Emergent,Fertilization,Weed Control Lawn Care Program

Depending on your grass type, the comprehensive Kueker’s Lawn Care Program provides five or seven individual treatments per year especially designed for the midwest market. These treatments are scheduled at five to seven-week intervals and provide both liquid and dry fertilizers as well as weed and turf-damaging insect controls. These programs, coupled with your good watering and mowing, provide your turf with all the basics for a beautiful and healthy lawn throughout the growing season.

Tree and Shrub Program

Each season, your landscape grows and changes. All the trees and shrubs on your property make up a valuable and growing investment, adding both value and enjoyment to your home. But each new season also brings insect, disease and weather problems that can damage or even destroy the beauty and health of your landscape. Kueker’s has the experience you can trust to carefully inspect and manage the health of your landscape trees and shrubs. Through each season of the year, we monitor and treat insect and disease activity on all plants covered by our program. Our program also provides precisely formulated fertilization for improved plant growth, bloom potential and general vigor.


Mechanical core aeration will help alleviate excessive thatch, reduce water run-off and increase water penetration. Spring or fall is the best time to use aeration to enhance the development of a deep root system so that it can withstand drought, disease and insect stresses. The aeration equipment consists of a series of hollow coring tines. When these are rolled over the lawn, they puncture the soil, systematically removing small soil plugs. The equipment is compact and can be easily used in confined areas. The plugs of soil and thatch are pulled up and left on the lawn, as they contain beneficial microorganisms that will help to break down the remaining thatch. They will disappear back into the lawn in 7 to 10 days or with the first mowing. Raking the cores to break them up will speed their disappearance from the lawn surface. Aeration may be used 1 or 2 times each season. It is usually recommended for the spring and in the fall when soil is moist.

Landscape Plant Material Root Injections

Tree & Shrub Landscape – Fall and Spring fertilization of landscape plants are recommended on an annual basis. Plant nutrients are injected directly into the root zone of the plants with special injection equipment in order to provide your tree & shrubs with nutrients where they need them, in the root zone. Surface applications of commerical fertilizers must breakdown into a water solution and leach down to the root zone in order for the landscape plant to utilize the nutrients. Many times, surface applications of granular products may be less effective due to surface wash off resulting from heavy rains or irrigation, or laying around the base of the plant due to the lack of water dissolving the granulars.

It’s Time to Overseed here in the Midwest

All cool-season lawns require special attention every fall in order to maintain a healthy, thick turfgrass for the next growing season. Fescue & Kentucky bluegrass lawns must be re-establish from seed every fall to replace any voids or thin areas of your turf. Cool-season grasses are best seeded from mid-August to mid-September in order for new seed to germinate and for plants to establish a strong root system before winter. Seeding too late can result in weed competition developing next spring due to thin turf areas of your lawn, and poorly established plants before the onset of cold weather.


Kueker’s Nursery and Garden Center  has over a decade of experience working with commercial property managers in the Midwest.  We understand the demands placed on property managers to meet budget forecasts, to pass corporate landscape inspections, to satisfy tenant requests and to meet security demands.

Kueker’s can help property managers beautify their landscapes with minimal time investment and maximum budget control.  We will monitor the health of your landscape, provide you with timely reports, and offer ideas about how you can enhance your current landscape both in the short and long term.


Your subdivision is its own small community. Keeping the landscaping and turf looking its best enhances the appearance and value of each home within it. Kueker’s can help maintain your property year round. Call us today for a FREE Estimate!


Kuekers Nursery provides maintenance services for sports fields including:

  • golf courses
  • soccer fields
  • baseball fields
  • football fields


Snow Plowing and Ice Management by Kueker’s means that you can rest assured that your employees, customers, residents, and suppliers can arrive safely, even on winter’s worse days.

Our snow plowing services can be custom-tailored to fit your facility’s exact needs.

Call us today to customize your snow removal and ice management package for this upcoming winter.

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